Chris Krewson

The Daily Bugle, on the iPad

Posted in iPad, Newspaper by ckrewson on September 2, 2010

Rupert Murdoch made headlines when he announced a plan for an iPad-only newspaper. This week came the name: The Daily Planet. So the newspaper that employed Perry White, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent is the inspiration for the new breed of daily electronic news outlets.

Well, let’s take that a step further. It’s – at least in the Superman comics I’ve read – a serious, sober broadsheet. In Bryan Singer’s movie, at least, it’s a Pulitzer Prize-winner. Presumably it’s won them before. So the model, it would seem, is a New York Times / Wall Street Journal-style outfit.

What if we took another approach, from the pages of another comic book, and presented a competitor? The Planet is a broadsheet; let’s go tabloid. The Planet is text-heavy; let’s go big on photos. The Planet is a prizewinner; let’s be the voice of the people.

Let’s put the Daily Bugle on the iPad.

Offer suggestions and follow along as we test the idea here.

(Yes, this is coming from the guy who uses this as his Twitter avatar. That’s the inspiration here. Wouldn’t it be fun, though?)